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What is Marriage Mentoring?    

Marriage mentoring is a process for training key couples in your church to mentor other couples, especially those in crisis. 

"Live" or video instruction is available. All administrators and mentor couples will be given the necessary tools to implement 

the program in your church.

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The Three Proven Steps:  

* Train the mentor couple to Mediate  |  Teach  |  Confront   

* Train the church administrator

* Promote mentoring to the church and community


What it is NOT: 

The Mentor Training System is not another teaching cirriculum. It is not a replacement for

clinical or pastoral counseling. 


What it is:

It is a hands on method of mediation and negotiation, empowering couples to solve their own issues. It is unique in that

it's designed to be effective for premarital couples, couples wanting to enrich their marriage and couples in crisis. The

role of the mentor is to mediate first, teach biblical truth second and confront core issues third.

It is VERY biblical as we provide mentors with a 21 page scripture reference guide. (each mentee also receives a scipture reference guide)

We teach mentors how to use scripture each session in a progessively deep way that is effective.  


The role of a mentor couple: 

The role of the mentor is to mediate first, teach biblical truths second and confront core issues third over a 10 week period. 

Mentees love it because it is focused specifically on their life issues and they enjoy the feeling of accomplishment when

solving their own challenges. Mentors love it because it is very structured yet is an easy process to follow and they dont feel

pressured to "fix" couples. 


                          Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' Words






You will be emailed 14 segments that will give you a deeper

understanding of how the mentoring process works. 


At the end of 14 days all your questions will be answered. 

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The free crash course will answer most of your questions and give you a deeper look at why our mentoring technique is the most effective mentoring process available. You will receive a segment each day for 14 days for free. Automatic emails start arriving on Wednesdays. 

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Bringing in a trainer is extremely effective. The trainer will coach all your mentors at the end of training as they 'practice' on each other. You will also be able to work with the trainer to build a 5 year strategy to maximize your marriage ministry. Reaching out to your community to get broken marriages to come to your church can be very powerful.

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Church Start-Up Kit

The Church Start-up Kit has everything your church needs to launch a marriage mentoring ministry and is perfect for those who cannot attend a 'live' training. The system is designed to train healthy couples how to mentor pre-marital couples and couples in crisis. A facilitator guide will help your mentors implement all the critical steps.

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Church Start-Up Kit

                                                                  The Couple's Start-up Kit has everything you need to become a marriage mentor as a couple who's church isn't interested in building a team of mentors. If your church is interested in building a team of mentors in the future, you can encourage them to purchase the CHURCH START-UP Kit at a later date. Once you order a kit, click on the setup button below and follow the instructions. 
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Couples Survey

Every couple getting mentored will take an online survey consisting of 177 questions that will extract all the areas of concerns in categories that are easy to understand. The survey is designed for couples who are pre-marital, married and wanting improvement and for couples in crisis with no hope. Mentors use the results to focus on all the areas of concern.

Couples Survey (for Churches)

See a sample survey                                                                

Mentor Support System

Ongoing training is a great way to continue developing your mentors. We have created an additional list of training topics designed to take your mentors to a deeper level of skills. Mentors can access the support system from their home or your lead couple can provide onging training in the classroom while using the Mentor Support System. More training, scriptures, ideas, videos and much more.

Mentor Support System

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